Garage Floor Coating

Benefits of a Polyurea Garage Floor System:

Our polyurea concrete floor coatings are superior to epoxy, hybrid and polymer floor coatings in many ways:

  • Return to Service: You can walk on your new floor in just 6 hours and bring your vehicle in after only 24 hours! Vast improvement over epoxy/hybrid/polymer systems which need several days.
  • Adhesion: Tenacity!  A bond that is 2X stronger than the standard epoxy/hybrid/polymer coating.
  • UV Stability: UV stable means it won’t turn colors like epoxy/hybrid/polymer coatings do when exposed to UV rays.
  • Abrasion Resistant: 4X more abrasion resistant than epoxy/hybrid/polymer coatings. Flexibility, elongation and chemical design is what creates the resilient abrasion resistant qualities.
  • Flexibility: Amazing 98% superior flexibility than epoxy/hybrid/polymer coatings. Especially important in our Midwestern climate.

Keep reading to find out about the most common flakes and why our concrete preparation is superior to all others.

Most Common Garage Floor Option:

Most customers choose to have a full flake polyurea system installed in their polyurea garage floor systemgarages. There are many flake/chip color options and the most common sizes are 1/4″ and 1/16″ flake. The most common size of flake used in garages is 1/4″. This diagram shows how this floor is installed.



You Receive the Best Concrete Preparation Possible!

bead blasting dirty concrete

You can see this spall is full dirt and a grinder won’t clean it.

Projects done right start with the proper preparation and a concrete coating system is no different.

Your floor may be concrete like all others but its current condition is unique to you. Sealers, cracks, spalls, salt damage, oil, grease and old coatings all determine how your concrete needs to be prepped.


Professional concrete coating companies do not use acid and water to prep concrete. The probability of failure and many areas of poor adhesion are great. Industrial grinders are the equipment of choice for most of us professional floor coaters. However, industrial floor grinding isn’t always enough.

Why? Remember all of those issues that made your floor unique? Well, some of those issue, cracks, spalls, salt damage, are below the flat surface of the concrete. What this means is that a grinder is not able to prep the concrete in those areas. Therefore all of the dirt, oil, grease and salt are still in those low spots. These areas are serious problems because the coating does not properly adhere to the concrete. 

concrete bead blasting

Now the same spall is cleaned after running the bead blaster over it. Next it will be filled with Mender to become even with the floor.

To ensure the best adhesion of the polyurea base coat to your concrete floor we combine grinding and bead blasting!

Your floor is our top concern.